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Cherry Blossom Musical Arts: Photos

Cherry Blossom Artistic Directors

The Visual Music Dessert Show Quartet-photo by Erik Verdouw
Artistic Director Nancy Wood
Artistic Director Nancy Wood
Music Director and  Composer Paul Safar-photo by Chris Leck
Paul Safar and Nancy Wood

Visual Music 2008

Artistic Director Nancy Wood performs at the 2008 Oregon Country Fair, photo by Chris Leck
Bianca Sapetto photo by Chris Leck
Agnieszka Laska Dancers and Dream Science Circus in "Star" photo by Chris Leck
Agnieszka Laska Dancers in "Nectar" photo  by Erik Verdouw
Ben Farrell in Paul Safar's "Five" for Clarinet and Piano-photo by Chris Leck
Roger Fountain and Simon Waddell in Fuggling Jool, photo by ChrisLeck
Agnieszka Laska Dancers in "Clouds Pass By"
Stella Madrona, in Stella's Waltz, photo by Erik Verdouw
Gustav Verdouw- The Littlest Tux Guy in VM2008
Alli Bach and Nancy Wood in  Paul Safar's"Five"-photo by Chris Leck
Nancy Wood and Izzy Whetstine

Visual Music 2007- Oregon Country Fair

Dream Science Circus- our newest collaborators!
Martita Santiago in Paul Safar's "Tarantella"-photo by Chris Leck
Quint Ehley, David Koteen in Paul Safar's "The Creative Mind"-photo by Kimm Still
Gary Noland's "CEO's of HMO's Do Fine" for SATB-photo by Chris Leck
Ken Silverman, Paul Safar, Ben Farrell- six hands on one piano-photo by Chris Leck
Stella Madrona, our Ring Girl- photo by Chris Leck
Craig Einhorn, Nancy Wood, Alli Bach--"quizas, quizas, quizas"-photo by Chris Leck
Tango Dancers Andrew McCollough and Rebecca Smith-photo by Kimm Still
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