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Cherry Blossom Musical Arts: Videos

Art Music Live in the 21st Century Part II
This is a link to the entire concert "Art Music Live in the 21st Century part 2, generously recorded by Cascadia Composers, Dan Senn, and North Pacific Music's Jack Gabel.
Cherry Blossom Art Music Live in the 21st Century- concert 1
This is a link to a live recording of the November 5 2010 Art Music Live in the 21st Century concert! This documentation was made possible by with the generous support of Cascadia Composers, of Portland Oregon, a divison of the National Asscociation of Composers USA>
Flux Magazine-Reinventing Ed's Coed
This is a video about the making of Ed's Coed, a silent film that was created by University of Oregon students in the 1920's. Cherry Blossom Musical Arts and Art Maddox, a composer who has performed in Cherry Blossom's Visual Music, provided the soundtrack for this intriguing mini documentary. Click on the link to see the video on the flux website.
Visual Music Slide Show 2007, 2008

Visual Music2008, the Dessert Show Slide show

Visual Music 2007